A Day on Isla Mujeres

Nataly and I dropped off our rental car early Saturday morning and then went to find something to eat. We’d mostly been eating around our hotel, so we weren’t sure what was around and open, but we found a quesadilla stand nearby and when we were full we grabbed a taxi to Puerto Juarez. After arriving on… Read More »

Cancun: Arrival and Day 1

I know guys! I’ve been terrible about blogging here! I’m here for now. I’ll try to do updates every other Tuesday. We’ll see.   I arrived in Cancun midafternoon, excited but scared. Just before the exit I was accosted by a man wanting to give me brochures and help me find a transportation. I was… Read More »

Merino Wool: Some First Thoughts

I’ve spent a lot of time researching gear for my trip, and one of the things I’ve come across as an option is merino wool. I bought some icebreaker brand shirts and one pair of pants, and was able to try them out recently on a trip where I was travelling extremely lightweight. Here are a… Read More »